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Bushbuck Horns - Imbabala Horns

Bushbuck Horns - Imbabala Horns
Cape bushbuck horns for sale, imbabala (Tragelaphus sylvaticus) measuring between 8 inches and 12 inches.  The Cape bushbuck is a widespread species of antelope that can be found in the Cape of South Africa to Angolia and Zambia.  They have a light brown coat, with up to 7 white stripes and white splotches on the sides.  The horns have been cleaned in South Africa and are ready for display.  They are all Real - NOT Replicas.

Shop Here and Save!! All our bushbuck horns are priced way below retail.  We are importers of animal horns from Africa -- NO MIDDLEMAN!!

We Ship Priority Mail (2 -3 day shipping)  (NOT UPS)  for Orders weighing UNDER 3 lbs.

Can Only Be Shipped Within the US

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