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Cow Horns, Cattle Horns

Cow Horns, Cattle Horns
We sell Individual and Wholesale Cow Horns, Polished and Raw and individual and Wholesale Cattle Horns, Polished and Raw available in sizes 6 inches up to 24 inches, measured around the curve of the horn - not straight. No 2 will be identical.  Cattle are used as riding animals, beef cattle, dairy cattle, as well as for byproducts such as hides, dung for fuel and manure, and horn for knife handles and the like.  Our cow horns will vary in size, shape and coloring.  Polished and raw Cow horns and cattle horns are also used for horn crafts, making horn mugs, bowls, trays, horn sculptures, carving horn and making blowing horns.  These horns were imported from Africa and India and were cleared for legal entry into the US by the US Fish and Wildlife Department and US Customs.  They are real - not replicas.  

Can Only Be Shipped Within the US

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