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Animal Claws and Feet

Animal Claws and Feet
Taxidermy Deer Feet and Real Animal Claws for Sale for jewelry crafts, including Badger Claws, Bobcat Claws, Coyote Claws and Red Fox Claws sold in bags of 10 and bag of 25.  Small Taxidermy Gator Feet to Large Alligator feet for sale measuring in size from 2-1/2 inches up to 8 inches. Perfect for making alligator souvenirs and taxidermy crafts.

Shop Here and Save!  All Our Animal Claws and Animal Feet Are Priced Below Retail!  We Also Sell "Hand Picked" Large Gator Feet Where You Buy What You See -- NO Surprises!

We Only Ship Within the US - Our Products Cannot Be Exported.

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