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Wholesale Shark Teeth

Wholesale Shark Teeth
We are your source for wholesale modern day shortfin mako shark teeth sold in bulk bags.  You can choose from wholesale tiny 1/2 inch modern day shortfin mako teeth in bulk up to huge 2-1/4 inches modern day mako shark teeth for making shark tooth jewelry.  We also carry wholesale 18 inches coconut and seashell necklaces with 1 inch shark tooth pendants and also fossil tooth necklaces strung on leather.  If you are looking for fossil shark teeth, we carry 1 inch to 5 inches megalodon shark teeth, all without restoration.  If your customers are asking for authentic mako shark tooth pendants, take a look at our decoratively burnt and wired pendants in sizes from 7/8 inch up to 2 inches.
All of our shark teeth are Real - NOT Replicas.  The modern day shortfin Mako shark teeth are shiny white and are Very Sharp.  

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