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Small Seashells for Crafts, Tiny Sea Shells

Small Seashells for Crafts, Tiny Sea Shells

Shop our variety of Small Seashells for Crafts sold Wholesale, Each and in kilo bags.  They measure under 3 inches.  Our Miniature Seashells and Tiny Craft Shells are sold in Bulk or by the kilo bag.  All will measure under 1 inch in length.  Create intricate shell art using our tiny and small seashells.  Purchase Tiny Umbonium Button Shells, Tiny Auger Shells, Miniature purple clam shells, cowries, green limpets and more.  If you need Small Seashells for your Shell Art, you can purchase Pearly Turban Snail Shells, Spiny Murex Ternispina, Shark Eye Shells, Auger Shells, Red Strawberry Top Shells, Tiger Cowries, Ring Top cowries, Green Limpets and more. Tiny seashells are the perfect medium for creating stunning jewelry pieces. Prices start at .10 each sold by the piece and at $2.00 a kilo bag.  You can easily utilize our tiny craft seashells to create dainty earrings and necklaces, or use the slightly larger small seashells for crafts and go for a bolder statement look. No matter what size or type of shells you are looking for, we are confident you will find the perfect seashell to put in your crafty hands.  Choose from hundreds of miniature and small Seashells for Crafts from 1/2 inch nassarius mud snails up to small 3-3/4 inches tiger cowrie shells.

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