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Eland Skull, Eland Skulls

Eland Skull, Eland Skulls
We have Common Eland Skulls for sale, Taurotragus oryx, the world's largest antelope found in the plains regions of East and Southern Africa. We carry both a male eland skull with horns and a female skull with horns.  Both sexes have horns that spiral tightly; however, the female horns are longer and thinner.  Our female eland skulls have horns measuring from 24 inches up to 29 inches.  The male skulls have horns measuring from approximately 20 inches up to 25 inches.  Full skulls and skull plates are available. We also have discounted skulls, with slight damage, for skull buyers on a budget.  All of our skulls have been professionally cleaned and are ready for display.  The horns are removed for shipping and can easily be re-attached. 

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