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Raccoon Skull, Racoon Skulls

Raccoon Skull, Racoon Skulls
North American Raccoon Skull Wholesale and Individually. Our raccoon skulls measure between 4-1/2 inches and 5 inches.  They are sourced from licensed trappers. In addition to our First Quality Skulls, we carry Craft Grade Raccoon Skulls for the bargain hunters, all with a variety of damage. The raccoon, Procyon lotor, sometimes spelled racoon, is also known as the common raccoon or North American raccoon. The raccoon's skull is thick and heavy and has forward facing eye sockets on the front of the skull and the skull has a broad short and wide shape.
 Raccoons are nocturnal and have a form of night vision which allows them to see clearly on a dark night.  They can climb down trees head first because of their ability to rotate their hind feet 180 degrees.  Raccoons are also known to wash their food in water and while they are doing it, they enjoy playing. They can make over 50 different sounds while they are communicating with each other.
The North American raccoon, or coon, has a bandit like mask and a grayish coat mostly consisting of a dense undercoat of fur that insulates it from the cold.  They feast on frogs, fish and other aquatic creatures when close to water. When on land, they consume mice and insects and raid nests and eat the eggs. 

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