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Animal Bones Wholesale

Animal Bones Wholesale
Animal bones played an important role in prehistoric societies and we sell Wholesale Animal Bones for crafts, carving bone and painting bone. Animal bones were also used to create tools such as arrowheads. The use of animal bone as raw material for tools dates back at least 1.8 million years and a vast supply of animal bones wholesale can be purchased here.  Find giraffe leg bones, giraffe shoulder blade bones, camel leg and shoulder blade bones for carving bone, painting bone and for knife handle material.  For making bone necklaces, pendants and earrings, we sell tiny and small animal bones wholesale including coyote bones, fox bones, opossum bones, raccoon bones, otter bones and raccoon penis bones also referred to as Mountain Man Toothpicks,  Animal bones are also used in witchcraft and folk magic. Animal Bones are placed on an alter or carried in a medicine bag or crafted into ritual jewelry. They believe that by wearing animal bones you can take on the attributes and powers of the animal. Our wholesale animal bones sold in bulk have been cleaned, partially whitened and are ready for use.

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