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Purple Barnacles - Barnacle Clusters

Purple Barnacles - Barnacle Clusters
Unique and Beautiful Purple Barnacle Clusters Wholesale in sizes 3 inches up to 12 inches.  If you would like to add a natural element to your home select one of our hand picked large purple barnacle clusters, sold individually.   Megabalanus tintinnabulum, is a species of barnacle found in West Africa and in parts of the Indo-Pacific. Each purple barnacle cluster is unique and no 2 are identical.   These natural purple barnacle clusters are used to display air plants, in seashell crafts and in home decorating.  They also provide an excellent hiding area for small fish and are a colorful accent to the fish tank; However, a salt water fish expert must be consulted for details on how to introduce barnacles into a tank The name refers to the fact that small groups of barnacles resemble clusters of minature bells, as the Latin tintinnabulum means handbell.

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