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Opossum Skulls, Possum Skull

Opossum Skulls, Possum Skull
North American Opossum skulls for sale Wholesale and Individually, Didelphimorphia, also called possums in the Southern United States.  The Opossum Skull has been cleaned and is ready for display and measures between 3-3/4 inches and 5 inches in size.  For the bargain skull shopper, we carry number 2 grade possum skulls, with slight damage, at low discount prices. We have hand picked and photographed a number of skulls so you can see the exact skull you are buying. The Opossum is a marsupial and the only animal in North America that has a pouch which it uses to carry its young around. A female opossum gives birth to around 20 babies; however, only about half of them survive.  Opossum have a white face and pointy rat-like nose and tail.  Their diet consists of dead animals, rodents, birds, eggs, fruits and plants.

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