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Thick Porcupine Quills

Thick Porcupine Quills
Thick Wholesale African Porcupine Quills for Sale, black and white in color and sold in small discount priced bundles and large wholesale bundles. Buy in sizes Up to 5 inches; 4 to 5-7/8 inches; 5 to 6-7/8 inches, 6 inches to 7-7/8 inches, large 8 to 9 inches and extra large 10 to 11 inches quills.  The bundles may contain a few quills that are either above or below the size range ordered.  Additionally, the thickness will vary from quill to quill.  Some quills will be thicker than others The African crested porcupine is the largest porcupine in the world. It lives in hilly, rocky habitats in sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa and Italy. When confronted by a predator, the African crested porcupine raises the 12- to 13-inch quills along its head and back into a crest so its body appears larger and more threatening. It runs backwards and rams the attacker with the short, thick quills on its backside. The tips of its quills lodge in its enemy's skin, and the resulting wounds can disable or even kill the predator. Porcupines have been known to injure lions, leopards, hyenas, even humans.  New quills grow to replace lost  ones  Porcupine quills are used for traditional decorative clothing, in Native American quillwork and art and in jewelry crafts. These quills were imported from South Africa and sourced from the African's Government's culling program.   These are REAL Porcupine Quills -- They are VERY SHARP
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