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Wild Boar Skull, Hog Skull, Bushpig Skull

Wild Boar Skull, Hog Skull, Bushpig Skull
Real Georgia Wild Boar Skull with Tusks, Wild Hog Skull and Wild Pig Skull for sale and African Bushpig Skull for Sale imported from South Africa measuring from 6 inches up to a large 15 inches.  The wild pig also known as feral hogs, feral swine, wild hogs, and wild boar is a non-native, invasive species brought to the Americas by Spanish explorers in the early 1500's as a food source. Wild pigs originated as domestic stock, and they were favored for release due to their unmatched ability to survive and because little effort was required to raise them. Wild Pigs cause extensive damage to agricultural crops, livestock, forests, and the environment. They can also have detrimental effects on native wildlife species.  The Bushpigs is a member of the pig family and lives in forests, woodland, riverine vegetation and reedbeds in East and Southern Africa.  Our skulls have been fully cleaned and whitened and are ready for display.

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