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Murex Shells

Murex Shells
Murex shells are one of the most used shells for seashell crafts and hermit crab homes.  Their beauty with frilly or spiny exterior makes them the choice for seashell crafts. Browse our vast selection of small to extra large murex shells including pink-mouth murex, black murex, murex ramosus, murex endive, murex haustellum, ternispina, white murex shells, cut murex shells, murex torrefactus, spiny murex and many more.    Available wholesale and in small lots.  Murex are typically elongated or a heavy shell elaborately spined or frilled. The family occurs throughout the world but mainly in the tropics.  Murex is a genus of medium to large sized predatory tropical sea snails. These are carnivorous marine gastropod molluscs in the family Muricidae, commonly called "murexes" or "rock snails".  The common name murex is still used for many species in the family Muricidae which were originally given the Latin generic name Murex in the past, but have more recently been regrouped into different newer genera.The word murex was used by Aristotle in reference to these kinds of snails, thus making it one of the oldest classical seashell names still in use by the scientific community. This genus includes many showy members, their elongate shells highly sculptured with spines or fronds. The inner surfaces of their ornate shells are often brightly colored.  Most Murex species live in the intertidal or shallow subtidal zone, among rocks and corals. Murex is solely an Indo-Pacific genus.
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