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Turbo Marmoratus

Turbo Marmoratus
Large Turbo Marmoratus Seashells sold wholesale and individually, for seashell collectors and for coastal decor.  Our Turbo Marmoratus shells, also called the great green turban, measure between 5  inches and 6-1/2 inches in size. You can choose to buy our hand picked turbo marmoratus where you can buy the shell pictured or turbo marmoratus in bulk wholesale lots where we select the shells.  Our turbo marmoratus seashells are all natural and beautiful and perfect for shell collectors and seaside decor.    Turbo marmoratus, known as the green turban, the marbled turban or great green turban, is a large species of marine gastropod with a thick calcareous operculum in the family Turbinidae, the turban snails.  The shells of these large sea snails have a very thick layer of nacre; this species has been commercially fished as a source of mother of pearl. Our beautiful turbo marmaratus shells are Real - Not replicas.   They have been cleaned but have NOT been polished.  These are real shells - not replicas.

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