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Garfish Skulls, Garfish Skull

Garfish Skulls, Garfish Skull
Garfish Skulls for Sale from several species.  We stock  alligator gar skulls, (atractosteus spatula), which is one of the largest freshwater fishes in North America.  It has a torpedo shaped body.  The alligator garfish skull measures between 9 inches and 15 inches long. We also carry Spotted Gar Skull (Lepisosteus Oculatus). These are the smallest species of garfish in North America and have a spotted body and an elongated mouth with many needle like teeth.  The spotted garfish skulls will measure from 5 inches to 8 inches long, and we also carry Longnose Gar Skull (Lepisosteus osseus) measuring 7 inches to 15 inches.  These are also known as Billy gar, needle-nosed gar, bonypike, and scissor bill. They have elongated, torpedo shaped bodies with extremely long snouts which are nearly twice the length of their head and are filled with rows of very sharp teeth. They have thick overlapping scales, that look like armour.  All of our garfish skulls are real - NOT replicas.  They will have natural imperfections from living in the rivers and aging.


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