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Whitetail Deer Antlers

Whitetail Deer Antlers
Nice Quality Whitetail Deer Antlers/Sheds with main beams measuring between 15 and 20 inches, measured around the curve.  Deer antlers are used in home decorating, creating antler lamps, antler chandeliers, sconces, carving horn and horn art.  In the whitetail deer family only bucks over 1 year old have antlers.  During winter bucks lose their antlers and then begin to re-grow new antlers. As the antlers grow they are covered in a soft hairy skin called velvet. The velvet supplies blood to the growing antlers and protects and feeds them. Antler growth in a deer is largely dependent on the age of the deer, genetics, and diet. As a deer matures it will typically grow more tines and eventually max out and then become smaller year after year as the deer ages. In a whitetail buck the antlers typically reach optimal development around 5 to 6 years of age. A whitetail buck's main antler beam curves forward without dividing or branching. 

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