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Red Eared Slider Turtle Shell

Red Eared Slider Turtle Shell
Wholesale Empty Red-Eared Slider Turtle Shells for Sale, also sold individually.  You can buy 1 piece, 2 pieces, 5 pieces, and bulk lots of 10 pieces and more.  Sizes available are from 4 inches up to 9 inches. Used in Native American Indian crafts including turtle rattles, jewelry, art and turtle dream catchers. The red-eared slider gets its name from the small red stripe around its ears and from its ability to slide quickly off rocks and logs into the water.  It is native to the Southern United States and Northern Mexico.  The red-eared slider, also known as the red-eared terrapin, is a semiaquatic turtle belonging to the family Emydidae. It is a subspecies of the pond slider. It is the most popular pet turtle in the United States and is also popular as a pet in the rest of the world but have become established in other places because of pet releases, and have become an invasive species in many areas where they out-compete native species. The red-eared slider is included in the list of the world's 100 most invasive species published by the IUCN.

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