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Assorted Craft Seashells in Bulk

Assorted Craft Seashells in Bulk
Looking for assorted craft seashells in bulk?  We have a vast selection of high quality assorted seashells for crafts sold in bulk bags including Tiny, Small and Large Indian Mix, Small and Medium Philippine Mix, tiny mixed seashells, small assorted seashells and large mixed seashells.  Our bags of seashells are available to purchase by the kilo, gallon and case. We carry assorted natural craft seashells and assorted white seashells.  Buy bulk seashells by the bag and save! All our bags of assorted seashells will include clams, scallops, nerits, turritella, small conchs, babylonia spirata, cowries, olive shells, small murex and many other real seashells.  Our bags of white seashells have all been dyed and are ready for creating beautiful beach wedding decorations.    
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