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Bat Skulls for Sale

Bat Skulls for Sale
Fruit Bat Skulls for sale, Rousettus Leschenaulti, and  lesser Asiatic yellow bat skulls for sale (Scotophilus kuhlii)all hand picked so you can buy the bat skull you see in the photoThe fruit bat animal skulls measure under 2 inches in length.  Fruit Bats vary in size and in weight and have the best overall vision of all bat species. These bat skulls were imported from Indonesia and have been professionally cleaned and are ready for display. The tiny lesser Asiatic yellow bat (Scotophilus kuhlii) has a skull measuring under 1 inch in size.  It is a species of vesper bat found in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Taiwan.Scotophilus kuhlii is a uniform beige color above sometimes with a yellow tinge and its underparts very light brown to whitish. Its wing membrane is dark brown and its ears are pinkish brown. The fur of this speciesvery dense and short.  Can be found in towns and villages. Flies in towns and villages and over water.  · Roosts in buildings and trees. Colonies can contain several hundred individuals.  
  Their jaws have been glued shut. 

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