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Blesbok Skins and Hides

Blesbok Skins and Hides
We carry soft tanned Blesbok Skins and Hides, Damaliscus dorcas phillipsi, averaging 46 inches long and 36 inches wide.  All of our authentic blesbuck skins have rich reddish-brown fur.  Perfect to throw over the back of a chair or couch, hang on the wall, use as an accent rug or to make handbags, pouches, picture frames or use in other taxidermy crafts. These skins were professionally soft tanned in South Africa and cleared for legal entry into the United States by U.S. Fish and Wildlife and U.S. Customs. 

Shop Here and Save!  We Are Importers of Blesbok Hides and Skins from South Africa -- NO MIDDLEMAN!!

We Only Ship Within the US - Animal Skins and Hides Cannot Be Exported.

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