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Blowing and Powder Horns

Blowing and Powder Horns
Want Blowing Horns and Powder Horns?  We stock a variety of sizes of Real Blowing Horns, also called Viking War Horns, each having a Leather Shoulder Strap and all are made out of a real cattle horns and cow horns.  All are polished to a light shine.   We also carry Powder Horns for carrying gun power for use in black powder rifles and reenactments measuring between 12 and 15 inches.  All of them come with a wood plug that can be removed in order to place the gun powder into the horn.  Each one has a leather carrying strap and is decoratively carved.  Our Powder Horns and our Viking Blowing Horns are made out of Indian cow horns and cattle horns.  They were imported from India.  The Blowing Horns are available in 4 sizes:  Small 12 to 13 inches; Medium 14 to 16 inches; Large 18 to 19 inches and Extra Large 20 to 23 inches, all measured along the curve of the horn.  The exterior of the horn has been polished; however, there will be rough sections on the horns.  They are made out of 100% Real Horns - They are Not a Replica. 

Blowing Horns, or Viking War Horn, make a deep, rich sound when blown.  They are blown like a trumpet or shofar, and come with a leather shoulder strap.  In the Viking age, a sounding horn, or blowing horn were used to warn of danger or to announce victory.  This blowing horn takes a bit of practice to use, but rewards those who are up to the challenge with the much deeper sound of a war horn. Today, that same horn is used to announce the beginning of every NFL Vikings football game.  Complete your Viking artifact collection with your own Sounding horn so you can root for your team or announce your arrival in style.

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