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Buffalo Horns

Buffalo Horns
We have a wide selection of Indian water buffalo horns for sale wholesale and in small quantities, Bubalus bubalis,  including polished buffalo horns, carved horns, in a spiral and snake skin design, buffed, semi-polished and natural buffalo horns.  The polished, buffed and carved come in a variety of colors that have a marbleized appearance. Some have blends of white, others are mostly black and still others have a mixture of darks and whites.  No 2 are identical.  Also available are wholesale horn mugs, bowls, trays in a variety of sizes from 4 inches up to 12 inches.  Our authentic buffalo horns and horn mugs and bowls are used in home décor.  The buffalo horns are used in making medieval drinking horns, medieval horn hats, knife handles, cane handles, in sculptures and in many other crafts.  Our buffalo horns range in size from 6 inches up to 45 inches, measured around the curve. Some stand on their own while others need support. 

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