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Giraffe Skulls

Giraffe Skulls
African giraffe skulls for sale, Giraffa Camelopardalis, the world's tallest mammal with a spotted body.   Giraffes are found in the grasslands. Since they occasionally drink water, they are not found close to a water source. We carry giraffe skulls measuring between 21 inches and 27 inches long.  We have both giraffe skulls with the bottom jaw and giraffe top skulls, without the bottom jaws.  They have been professionally cleaned and whitened in South Africa and are ready for display. We ship these large skulls UPS  and most will require an Adult Signature due to their value. They cannot be shipped through the post office.   

These are NOT endangered!  They were obtained from the African government's culling program or they died from natural causes - old age, drought, disease, etc. 

We Only Ship Within the US - Animal Skulls Cannot Be Exported. 


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