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Porcupine Fish, Puffer Fish

Porcupine Fish, Puffer Fish
Tiny 2 inch to Huge 18 inches Dried Porcupine Fish for Sale with long sharp spines and a hanger for easy display and 2 to 6 inches dried puffer fish wearing a hat with a hanger for display.   They have had the meat removed and have been inflated and sealed with a clear sealant. There is a noticeable seam that runs the length of the fish where the meat was removed and the skin was resealed.  They come in sizes from 2 inches up to 18 inches. A Porcupine fish are known by several names: blowfish, balloonfish and globefish. They have heavy spines on their body and the ability to almost double their size by inflating their body by swallowing water or air, thereby becoming rounder. This defense mechanism reduces the range of potential predators to those with much bigger mouths.
 Porcupine fish have a second defense mechanism provided by their sharp spines which can be 2 inches long.

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