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Sea Biscuits

Sea Biscuits
Florida Sea Biscuits or sale, also called the inflated sea biscuit, Clypeaster rosacus, which is thicker in height than a sand dollar.  It is found off the coast of Florida. .Sand dollars are marine creatures closely related to sea urchins that creep along the ocean floor seeking food. They are on nearly every beach in Florida. They are most abundant on the Gulf coast where ocean conditions are relatively calm.  When sand dollars are alive, they are purplish in color.  Their fuzzy spines are covered in tiny flexible bristles called cilia, which they use to move food to their mouth.  When a sand dollar dies, its skeleton, called a test, is bleached by the sun and turns white and the small spines fade away, exposing the star pattern on the top of the shell.  The name "sand dollar" comes from their resemblance to a dollar coin.  The unique flattened form of the   Arrowhead Sand Dollar is well-adapted to near-shore environments with strong bottom currents. They burrow very shallowly in the sand and can aggregate in immense numbers, often right at the beach edge in only a few centimeters of water. They are commonly washed up on beaches and are a favorite collector’s item for beachcombers.

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