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Animal Feet, Claws

Animal Feet, Claws
Small quantities and Wholesale Preserved and Cured Animal Feet and Real Animal Claws and Preserved Beaver Tails for Sale Wholesale and individually for taxidermy crafts.  Jewelry crafters can find a large selection of Animal Claws sold Wholesale and in small quanities, including Badger Claws, Bobcat Claws, Beaver, Coyote Claws and Red Fox Claws sold in bags of 25 up to 200.  Small Taxidermy Gator Feet to Large Alligator feet for sale measuring in size from 2-1/2 inches up to 10 inches. Check out our formaldehyde preserved and borax cured animal tails including beaver tails, pig tails, mink tails, fox tails, squirrel tails and others.  

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