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Gemsbok Skulls, Oryx Skull

Gemsbok Skulls, Oryx Skull
We carry nice quality real gemsbok skulls wholesale, oryx skulls and gemsbuck skull plates, Oryx Gazella.  Their horns range in size from 28 inches up to around 39 inches. All of these oryx skulls have been professionally cleaned in South Africa and have been ethically sourced.  You can also find great deals here on discount gemsbok skulls, number 2 quality, all with slight damage at low bargain prices.  Both the skulls and skull plates are ready for you to make European mounts for that special wall in your office, den or cabin.

Shop here and save!!   We are importers of African gemsbok skulls and skull plates.  NO MIDDLEMAN!!

We Only Ship Within the US - Animal Skulls Cannot Be Exported.

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