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Kudu Horns 15 inches to 45 inches

Kudu Horns 15 inches to 45 inches
Natural Kudu Horns Wholesale and sold individually, from the African Greater Kudu, Tragelaphus strepsiceros. We stock small kudu horns 15 to 19 inches and  20 to 24 inches and medium kudu horns, 25 to 29 inches and 30 to 39 inches and large kudu horns from 40 to 44 inches.  These horns are unpolished.  They are measured around the curl using a cloth tape measure and are used for making shofars, blowing horns, lamps, sconces and in other taxidermy crafts.   Greater kudus are found in Eastern and Southern Africa. They are one of the tallest antelopes and have spiral shaped horns.  All our kudu horns are real - not replicas.  They will have natural imperfections from the animal living in the wild, fighting and aging.  ]These have been cleared for legal entry into the US by the US Fish and Wildlife Service and US Customs. 

Shop Here and Save!!  All our kudu horns are priced way before retail.  We are direct importers of animal horns from Africa -- NO MIDDLEMAN!!

We Only Ship Within the US - Our Products Cannot Be Exported.

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