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Longnose Garfish Skin

Longnose Garfish Skin
Authentic Longnose Garfish Skin (Lepisosteus osseus) for sale hand selected and photographed, measuring approximately 17 inches up to 27 inches long.  These garfish skins have been dried/scraped and cleaned with borax. The longnose garfish is a ray-finned fish of the garfish family that has been around for 100 million years..  It has a slender body that is grayish to olive in color and fades to white on its underside.  It has an armor of scales covering its whole body.  The one dorsal fin is located near the end of the back.  The garfish has a long, narrow snout and a mouth lined with unbelievably sharp teeth.  In addition to using their gills, the gar can take in oxygen by swimming to the surface and gulping air into their highly vascularized swim bladder.  Gars can survive in water with very little oxygen and even out of water completely for many hours, as long as their bodies stay moist.


They can only be shipped within the United States.  Cannot be exported.

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