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Monkey Skulls for Sale

Monkey Skulls for Sale
Real Vervet Monkey Skulls for sale, Chlorocebus pygerythrus, an Old World Monkey native to Africa.  The Vervet Skulls will measure between 3 inches and 4-3/4 inches in size. We have hand picked and photographed both male monkey skulls and female monkey skulls, so you can pick out the exact skull you want to buy. Also we have cheap skulls for sale, number 2 quality, all with slight damage.  Vervet Monkeys are found in South Africa and are fruit eaters and inflict serious damage on fruit orchards.  They have a silver to gray body with a black face. The eyebrows, feet and tip of the tail is white.  The genitals of the adult males are vividly colored. Adult males have a red penis and a blue scrotum.
Our vervet monkey skulls have been professionally cleaned in South Africa and imported under a Cities permit.  The Cities Permit Number is listed with each skulls' description and photo.
These skulls can only be shipped within the United States.  Cannot be exported.

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