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Natural Dried Sea Sponge

Natural Dried Sea Sponge

Sun dried sea sponge wholesale and individually, unbleached and all natural, are available in sizes from 4 inches up to 10 inches. Unbleached Dried Natural Sea Sponge is used for bathing, painting, washing vehicles, displaying air plants and for decorating and we sell wholesale sea sponges in bulk or you can buy them individually or in 2 piece packs. 

Various species of sponges often wash ashore on beaches. These immobile creatures are animals, although biologists once thought they were plants! Sponges can be found worldwide, from polar to tropical regions. They live in shallow and deep waters and some even live in fresh water. 
    Early fossil records show that sponges inhabited Earth around 600 million years ago.    Some deep-water sponges can live to be over 200 years old.    Sponges are master filters. They can filter an amount of water 100,000 times their size each day! That means a basketball-sized sponge could filter an entire residential pool in one day.     Sponges often use chemicals to deter predators from eating them. Scientists have discovered that some of these chemicals may have potential to treat cancer and HIV.   The most abundant sponges in Florida are loggerhead sponges, vase sponges, sheeps wool sponges, glove sponges and tube sponges!

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