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Scallop, Cockle Shells

Scallop, Cockle Shells
Colorful Bulk Scallop Shells for Crafts, including Large White Scallop Shells for Baking, Bulk Clam Shells for Crafts and creating unique centerpieces and Bulk Pecten Shells and Cockle Shells for Sale by the kilo bag or gallon bag of shells.  Our selection includes the brightly colored pecten nobilis scallop shells, polished purple clam shells, white ribbed cockle shells, Pacific yellow cockle shells with pink accents and many more.  These are edible bivalves highly prized as a food source and for their brightly colored fan shaped shells with their radiating and often fluted ornamentation.  They are valued by shell collectors and have been used since ancient times as motifs in art, architecture and design.  

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