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Tonna Galea, Giant Tun Shells

Tonna Galea, Giant Tun Shells
6 inches, 7 inches and 8 inches Large Tonna Galea Shells, also known as the Giant Tun, or Tonna Olearium.  Tonna Galea, or Giant Tun Shells are a species of very large lightweight sea snail found in the North Atlantic Oceans, off the coast of West Africa and in the Mediterranean and Caribbean Sea. The shell is medium brown to deep brown with rows of wide, flat, slightly raised ribs and has a wide mouth opening. These shells are used in seashell decor as their neutral color blends with any color pallet and because of their wide mouth opening, florists use them to create beautiful floral arrangements and seashell planters.  We sell both hand picked shells where you buy the one in the photo and "similar" shells where we pick the them for you.

Make your seashell a showpiece and protect your furniture from being scratched by adding a display stand.  Available in our category Acrylic and Wooden Display Stands

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