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White Kudu Horns, Inner Bone Core

White Kudu Horns, Inner Bone Core
Natural, Unpolished Kudu Horn Inner Bone Core and Polished White Kudu Horn Inner Bone Core ranging in size from 26 inches up to 45 inches, measured around the curve.  The natural unpolished and polished white inner bone of the kudu horn is used for making candle holders, lamps, and mounted on bases or stands as a decorative accent piece. These have been cleared for legal entry into the US by the US Fish and Wildlife Department and US Custom. 

Shop Here and Save!!  All prices are way below retail.  We are importers of African kudu horns.  -- NO MIDDLEMAN!!
We can ship 2 horns for the same cost as shipping 1 horn. UPS bills by dimensional weight.  The box used is 31x8x7 equal to 11 pounds.   2 or 3 horns can fit into this box.  We will refund any excess shipping you were charged on the website, if you buy more than 1 horn.  
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