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Wholesale Hides, Skins

Wholesale Hides, Skins

Our Animal Hides, Skins Furs are imported from South Africa, Finland and India.  We have a wide selection of wholesale animal hides and skins.  They are used by manufacturers, home decorators and in arts and crafts.  The soft tanned hides and skins of springbok, impala, reindeer, and rabbit are used to make seat covers, furniture throws, accent rugs, purses, photo frames, and in numerous other crafts.  The large hides of kudu, wildebeest, zebra, blesbok are used as furniture throws and accent rugs.  We carry a large assortment of tanned African animal hides and soft tanned Finland reindeer hides along with fur keychains, animal face pelts and dyed animal furs. Choose from:

  • wholesale reindeer hides  
  • wholesale springbok skins
  • wholesale goat hides
  • wholesale blesbok hides
  • wholesale wildebeest hides
  • wholesale impala hides
  • wholesale rabbit pelts, furs
  • wholesale printed rabbit pelts
  • wholesale white rabbit pelts, 
  • wholesale tanned buffalo scrotums
  • wholesale raccoon tail keychains
  • wholesale fox tail key chains
  • wholesale lynx tail keychains
  • wholesale rabbit's foot keychains
  • wholesale coyote face pelts
  • wholesale fox face pelts
  • wholesale kudu hides
  • wholesale coyote tails
  • wholesale raccoon tails
  • wholesale silver fox tails

Whether you are looking for a plush reindeer hide or a tanned buffalo scrotum for a gag gift, you will find it here.

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