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Yellow Helmet Seashells - Cassis cornuta

Yellow Helmet Seashells - Cassis cornuta
We are offering Hand Picked Yellow Helmet Shells for sale in sizes 7 inches up to 10 inches.  Cassis cornuta, common name horned helmet or yellow helmet is an extremely large sea snail, and the largest of the helmet shells.  It it a heavy chunky shell with horn-like knobs and a wide flat base.  The face of the shell is shiny and pale orange in color, faintly marked with whites and browns.  All of our Cassis cornuta are real - not replicas.  The larger a shell is, the older it is and the more "natural" imperfections it will have from living in the oceans. 

We have hand picked all of the beautiful shells shown below.  Review all photos carefully, as you are buying the one shown in the photos.   
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