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Alligator Head, Alligator Heads

Alligator Head, Alligator Heads
Alligator Head from Louisiana Gator Farms sold Individually and Wholesale.  Our Taxidermy Alligator Head Souvenirs are preserved, sealed and ready for display, starting at $7.75 each.  We sell Alligator Heads from 5 inches, up to 19 inches in size. For customers who want to see exactly what they are buying, we offer hand selected Taxidermy Alligator Heads and you buy what you see in the photo.  We stock small and medium gator heads as follows:  4-7/8 to 6 inches heads from 3 footers; 6 to 7-3/4 inches heads from 4 footers; 8 inches alligator head from 5 footers, 9 inches heads from 6 footers.  We also carry large alligator heads measuring 14 inches thru 17 inches in size from gators up to 11 feet.   These gator heads have been preserved, sealed, and the backs painted black.  Alligator heads are the perfect unique souvenirs for gator fans and the collectors of the weird and unusual.
Alligator Heads Cannot Be Exported.
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