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Polished Red Abalones, Green Abalone

Polished Red Abalones, Green Abalone
We carry a wide selection of 4 to 8 inches Polished Red Abalone Shells and Green Polished Abalone Shells Wholesale in Bulk and small quantities for crafters.  We also have hand picked and photographed polished abalone shell for decorators and collectors who want to see exactly what they are buying.     Our Polished Green Abalone, Haliotis fulgens,  have had the outer layer of the shell removed revealing a beautiful irridescent exterior with tones of blues, greens, silver and mother of pearl, with the interior reflecting similar colors. The Polished Red Abalone Shellâ€â„¢s, Haliotis rufescens,  outer layer has also been removed revealing a beautiful red and mother of pearl exterior with the interior having a rainbow of blues, greens, silver and mother of pearl.  

Make your seashell a showpiece and protect your furniture from being scratched by adding a display stand.  Available in our category Acrylic and Wooden Display Stands

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