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Swordfish Bills

Swordfish Bills

Swordfish Bills for Sale, Swordfish Bill Sword and Daggers sold Wholesale and Individually, available in sizes 16 inches to 34 inches. Enjoy the swordfish bill in its natural state or enhance its beauty by painting or the art of scrimshaw. Our swordfish bills are available in sizes from 27 to 34 inches and have been buffed to a shine and the cracks and the bases have been filled with off white epoxy.  We also carry polished swordfish bill daggers, swords from 15 inches to 25 inches in length, ready for display.  The swordfish is named after its long pointed, flat bill, which resembles a sword. The species name, Xiphias gladius, derives from Greek, (xiphias, "swordfish")  Swordfish are found worldwide in all temperate, subtropical and tropical seas, Florida is known to be a Swordfish breeding grounds.  Swordfish are not schooling fish but have been found in very loose groups. Occasionally they can be found basking in the sun at the surface or seen performing magnificent aerial leaps believed to be an act of trying to rid themselves of pests and parasites.

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