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Authentic Animal Products, Seashells, and Starfish for Crafts, Décor, and More

We carry the largest variety of seashells, dried sea life, animal skulls, animal horns, animal bones, and more for sale. Maybe you are a jewelry maker looking for seashells for sale in order to create a stunning necklace, an interior designer looking for conch shells for sale to decorate a beach house, or maybe you are a hunter looking for some real animal skulls or animal horns for your cabin in the woods. No matter what, we have the pieces for you. You can bring the outdoors in with our beautiful animal skins and hides for your log cabin, or spice up your lake house with authentic alligator heads on display.

Want a more beachy vibe to your life? Bring the seashore to your door with our wide array of large and small seashells for sale, and a plethora of starfish for sale. Enjoy the salt and sand in the comfort of your own home by using our seashells, starfish, and other aquatic animal by-products to make your beach home the gem of high tide.

Worldwide Wildlife Products, a division of Atlantic Coral Enterprise, Inc, has been importing wholesale animal products, seashells, starfish and more since 1971. As a family owned business, we strive to bring you only the highest quality animal by-products. No matter if you are a collector, crafter, carver, or simply love to decorate, we have the perfect piece for you. Our imported seashells, starfish, shell windchimes, jewelry, ornaments and more are guaranteed to fit the needs of artisans worldwide.

We Only Ship Within the US - Our Products Cannot Be Exported.
 This website has NO minimum order requirement and offers numerous items wholesale, but wholesale pricing is not available on all items. Our Wholesale Website is:  www.atlanticcoral.com 

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