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Whelk Shells, Knobbed, Lightning

Whelk Shells, Knobbed, Lightning
Shop our inventory of Knobbed Whelk Shell, Lightning Whelk Shells and Channel Whelk Shells Wholesale and individually from 4 to 8 inches.   Lightning Whelk Shells,  Busycon sinistrum are referred to as Left-Handed Whelks as the shell coils to the left when the apex is pointed upwards. The whelk shell is a large edible predatory sea snail.  For shell collectors and decorators, we also offer hand selected whelk shells allowing you can buy the shell in the photo. The Whelk Shell is the State Shell of Texas.  Left-Handed Whelks, also called Lightning Whelks, are a pale colored shell accented with brown stripes and they have either a tan or orange mouth opening.   Native Americans harvested whelks for religious ceremonies and practical tools. Many tribes believed that the "left-handed" spiral made the shells sacred objects, but whelks were also eaten and their shells used as scrapers, gouges and even cups and bowls. Some larger shells can hold up to one quart of liquid. It is believed that sailors even used the egg cases as sponges for bathing.    Knobbed whelks are native to the North Atlantic coast from Cape Cod, Massachusetts to Northern Florida. Most are right handed and are thick and strong.  The shell is ivory to pale grey in color highlighted with streaks of brown. The mouth opening is orange or light tan. The meat of the whelk is used by humans as food in such dishes as raw salads, burgers, fritters and chowder. 

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