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Abalone Shells

Abalone Shells
We are your best source for wholesale abalone shells sold in bulk, and in small quantities and individually for smudging, crafts, and decorating.  Our selection includes green abalone, red abalone, ruff back rainbow abalone, donkey ear abalone and beautiful abalone sold wholesale and in small lots.  We also carry polished red and green abalone shells. For shell collectors we have hand selected large abalone shells where you buy the shell you see in the photo. Our abalone shells range in size from small 1 to 2 inches up to 7 inches and are sold by the piece and by the kilo.   Abalone shells are used in smudging rituals, and its highly iridescent shell, with colors ranging from blue, to greens, pinks and mother of pearl is made into jewelry, and is a source of colorful mother of pearl. The large abalone shell is also displayed on shelves and table tops as a decorative accent piece in coastal home decorating. .  Abalone shells have been found in archaeological sites around the world, ranging from 100,000 year old deposits at Brombos Cave in South Africa to hOistoric  Chinese abalone middens on California's Northern Channel Islands.  The flesh of abalones is widely considered to be a desirable food, and is consumed raw or cooked by a variety of cultures. 
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