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Animal Bones, Bone for Carving, Crafts

Animal Bones, Bone for Carving, Crafts
Shop our Animal Bones for Sale Wholesale and Individually and Real Bone for Carving and Bones for Crafts.  Buy 100 small raccoon, hog bones, opossum bones for crafts for only .45 each; boar vertebrae bones for $1.75 each; Large giraffe leg bone for $85; Blesbok jaw bones $5.60 each; Large kudu shoulder blades $22 each and much more. You can choose tiny animal bones for making bone jewelry and bone art including tiny hog bones and coyote bones.  Or choose a large animal bone for carving including giraffe leg bone and shoulder blade bones, camel leg bone and also buffalo leg bones, kudu bone, blesbok bones and much more. The recommended Bone for Carving are the leg bones, femur, and tibia as the walls of these bones are thick enough to carve.  If you are interested in learning about carving bone, take a look at this website:  The art of bone carving - The Shed (   We stock tiny, small and large Animal Bones for Carving and Animal Bones for Sale Wholesale and Individually for bone crafts and bone art. Choose animal bone from the world's tallest animal, the giraffe, and small animal bones for crafts and carving from coyote and wild hogs.  Tiny animal bone is used for jewelry, and in arts and crafts, while larger animal bones are used for carving. Animal bones have been used for centuries in witchcraft, for carving, making jewelry, tools, flutes, ground for animal feed and medicines, making soup broth, buttons, and for numerous other uses. Real giraffe leg bones are sold wholesale and individually for carving, along with giraffe vertebrae bones and giraffe shoulder blade bones.  We also carry a variety of wild hog bones, along with coyote bones including vertebrae bones, leg bones, rib bones, and a variety of other small bones from these animals.  Worldwide Wildlife Products offers a wide selection to choose from.  Animal bones have also been made into weapons, bone knife handles, bone buttons, carved into jewelry and figurines and used in the art of scrimshaw and painting bone.   We also stock camel leg bones and camel shoulder blades and an assortment of mixed wild hog and coyote bones sold by the pound.  For the bargain hunter, we always have number 2 grade bones for crafts, all with some type of damage, sold at low discount prices.  

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